Contemporary Residential Development

The proposal is a scheme for fifteen contemporary residential development dwellings. They identify with the locality and character of the historical town centre as well as the more recent developments within St Columb.

The site for this contemporary residential development is closely connected to the historic town of St Columb and its residential neighbourhood. It is bounded by existing dormer bungalow houses along Penkernick Way on the North and West boundaries, open residential caravan site and field in different ownership on the southern boundary, and the A39 which is banked along the Eastern boundary. At present the site is disused agricultural land which has been left as an overgrown grass field. The client is looking to maximise the site value with the view of providing a quality contemporary residential development.

Informal discussion with the County Highways department has informed site layout and access. The north-south orientation of the site provided opportunities for a sensitive sustainable design, utilising natural daylight, orientation and viewpoints as key design elements. The dwellings are comprised of three different typologies, reflecting on the surrounding housing density, typology and variety. The choice of finishes was influenced by references to the material palette which typifies local architecture, comprising of natural slate, timber, and painted render. The need for affordable homes in St Columb makes this contemporary residential development an apt response to the current socio-economic context.

This site was about designing and using space. The genius of this design is in capturing the acute and specific sense of the place. It needed sensitivity to the site and to balance with the surrounding countryside and existing houses. The materials are light and dark, timber and slate and the beauty of Cornwall.

We didn’t want to design a box, we wanted to draw lines that would define life.

Building Type

Eco and ContemporaryHousing

Services Provided


Grade 2 House & Barns Refurbishment

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Engine House

This old engine house on a farm in outskirts of St Austell, Cornwall has been left in a state of dereliction since the area's mining heyday, its only occupants being the farm's flock of hens.

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New Eco Dwelling, Harrowbarrow

The dwelling is to utilize passive slab foundations, SIP construction, Sedum roof, non-mains gas, composting toilet & rainwater harvesting.

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